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In the consultation you will have

- personalized recommendations of which foods are compatible with your physical biotype; and what foods to avoid

- what physical activity is right for you

- what health imbalances you have and how to treat them effectively and naturally

- what is the best time to eat and sleep

- how to detoxify your body and mind

- breathing techniques of the best yogis

- together we will discover the root causes of your health problems and how to treat them naturally and effectively


After consulting:

you will have free access via whatsapp to track your progress

Roberto Fontana Varo


Gives conferences and training course in Ayurveda | Natural therapies | Psychoanalysis


International Certificate in Clinical Hypnosis and NLP, by the International Academy of Mental Training, Certificate in Indian Ayurveda Medicine, by Yoga Brahma Vidyalaya, also Certificates in Naturopathy and Access Consciousness Bars, training in Canada by George Brown College and professional experience in humanitarian NGO largest in World Health, MSF - Doctors Without Borders, Toronto / Canada.

More Various courses in the areas of Psychoanalysis, Philosophy, Reike, Physics / Quantum Healing, Neurolinguistics, Mindfulness, Naturopathy, Natural Nutrition, Therapeutic Fasting, Hydrotherapy, Meditation, Yoga, Holistic and Natural Therapies.

In addition to a degree in Business Administration and a Postgraduate degree from IBMEC / Insper.


Current: Founder and owner of YogaVeda, Piloga, Fontana Saúde Perfeita.


Online consultation time (live): 02 hours

App: Zoom | Google Meet | WhatsApp

Price:  480,00 Real =   +/- 73,00 Euros   |   80,00 Dollar


Make the most complete Online Ayurveda consultation, with Roberto Fontana Varo. 20 years of experience.

After the consultation you will have all the resources to have a detoxified body, clear mind, high immunity, energy, good sleep and prevention of diseases in general

Our space has been in the market for more than 20 years, helping thousands of people to leave the automatic pilot and once again have total control over their lives, their destiny and learn to live with Perfect Health.